We gather in small groups throughout the week to build life-giving relationships
and learn how to apply the Bible to our everyday lives.
We believe that life is better in community, and that together we can make a meaningful difference in this world. 
Our vision for LIFE Groups is to grow warmer in fellowship, deeper in discipleship, and wider through multiplication. 
We welcome you to get involved in a LIFE Group today. 

Scroll down to see the list of LIFE Groups available during the week.  Click to sign up!




I Heart Guelph - 7 pm
  17-91 Poppy Dr. East | Led by Pastor Curtis Moore | cmoore@parkviewchurch.ca




  Parkview - Youth Room | Led by Linda Green | green.linda@rogers.com

I Heart Guelph - 6:45 pm
  Parkview Church - Auditorium | Led by Michael Cutting | michael.d.cutting@gmail.com

I Heart Guelph - 7:00 pm
  43 Cox Court | Led by Seth Bartz | Encounter Young Adult | sbartz@parkviewchurch.ca

I Heart Guelph - 7:45 pm
  2 Whestone Cr | Led by Pastor Dave Slater | dslater@parkviewchurch.ca




I Heart Guelph - 1:00 pm
  Parkview Church - Cafe | Led by Sheila Blackmore and Judy Bell | sheilablackmore@hotmail.com

I Heart Guelph - 7:00 pm
  Parkview Church - Room 128 | Led by Busuyi and Yomi Aroso | busuyi97@gmail.com

I Heart Guelph - 7:00 pm
  59 Creighton Ave | Led by Sharon Gillespie | shag3@sympatico.ca

I Heart Guelph - 7:00 pm
  220-308 Watson Parkway N | Led by Francine Allaire | francineallaire5@gmail.com

I Heart Guelph - 7:00 pm
  88 Oakes Cr | Led by Andrew and Jessica Brisco | teambrisco@live.com




Mom’s Time Out | Bi-Weekly - 9:30 am
  Parkview Church - Cafe | Led by Kristin Riley | kristinjillb@yahoo.ca

I Heart Guelph - 7:00 pm
  8 Springdale Blvd| Led by Dave and Connie Spencer | daveconspen@gmail.com




I Heart Guelph - 7:00 pm
  52- 240 London Road West | Led by Pastor Jeffrey and Melanie Tuffour | jtuffour@parkviewchurch.ca







Men’s Ministry | 7 Questions That Rattle In The Minds Of Most Men (John Woodall) - 7:00 pm
  Parkview Church | Cafe - Every Two Weeks | Led by Brad Riley | bradriley1982@gmail.com


“It hurts to lose someone. You don’t have to go through the grieving process alone.”

Grief Share is a friendly group of people who will walk with you as you go through one of life’s most painful experiences.  This program runs for 13 weeks, and childcare is available.  For more information, you can call or email Pastor Jeff or sign up on the form above (note that you are interested in Grief Share).